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Automated Follow-ups

Automate Your Marketing!

Autoresponders are emails that are automatically sent to people when they submit a sign up or contact form.

Although nothing can take the place of personal contact, autoresponder emails can simplify the most basic followup activities.

Consistent followup keeps your name, brand and message in front of potential clients and customers.

Contact List management

Target the right people with the right offers.

There are times when you want to send a specific e-mail to a small subset of people.

Contact list management allows you to select the right amount of people, the people who have the most interest in your offer, and send a targeted message to them quickly and efficiently.

Contact list management also automatically removes people who no longer want to receive your e-mail (unsubscribe) tells you which e-mail addresses no longer work.

Email Tracking and Reporting

Although there is no way to measure the impact of your e-mail on the reader, you can measure almost everything else in an e-mail campaign.

Campaign tracking allows you to discover and analyze the behavior of your e-mail readers. You can measure:

  • E-mail open rates
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Bounces (nonworking e-mails)
  • Click through to website rates

And many, many other elements of your e-mail campaign

List Building and Subscribing

Generating quality leads is critical for most business owners.

Website subscription (contact or capture forms) allows an organization to build a list, automatically follow-up, and then keep in touch frequently. And at a very low cost in time and money!

When a potential client or customer signs onto a list, this allows the company to distribute valuable, relevant information that can help a subscriber decide to do business with the organization.

We can guide you through the process of setting up and profiting with an effective email list.

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