Web Video Marketing

Visual marketing that works!

Widen Your Audience

Promote Your Message Everywhere…

Web video allows your products and services to be seen by a larger group of people over a greater geographic area.

The video is distributed on video streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Meta Cafe, and many others. The streaming sites provide the opportunity to be seen by thousands of viewers (and potential customers).

The video has also become extremely cost-effective with video capture and distribution as easy as owning a cell phone

Tell Your Story with Visuals

Web video provides a richer media experience where the viewer can see, hear, and potentially feel the results of interacting with your products and services.

Businesses have the opportunity to create detailed education, instruction, and promotion in ways that were not available with traditional media.

BTR can help you create your story with a compelling video. View some of the examples on the left

Reduce Your Selling Costs

Web video works for you 24/7.

Sales Representatives, sales managers, and sales processes can be enhanced with the use of Web video.

Web video has proven to shorten the sales cycle by allowing the viewer to gain information and enter questions without the need of a live sales professional.

Web video generally has a longer shelf life than most traditional media such as brochures, flyers, or print media. Plus the video it is generally streamed on platforms that have no cost

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